Memories of the Beach

Are you ready for a new series? The first book in The Blue Heron Cottages releases June 28! This series is set back in Moonbeam. Violet, who bought and restored the cottages is featured in this series along with a charming set of characters, both townsfolk and people who stay at her cottages.

Book One – Memories of the Beach

Memories of the Beach - Blue Heron Cottages book one
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Violet Bentley bought the run-down Blue Heron Cottages and updated the small beachside resort in the quaint town of Moonbeam. Her brother, Rob, is temporarily living with her in the owner’s cottage and helping with the resort. She adores him—really she does—he’s all the family she has. And if he’d just keep his many opinions to himself, it would be the perfect arrangement.

Aspen is stuck in a stream of bad luck and can’t seem to break her streak. She receives a mysterious letter asking her to come to an all-expenses-paid week at the resort. She’s intrigued but can’t afford to take time off work. When her boss fires her, the decision is made. She packs up all her belongings and heads for Moonbeam, curious about the letter and nowhere else to go.

Still grieving the loss of her mother, Willow receives her own letter asking her to come to the resort. She’s uncertain, but her husband encourages her to go. Maybe it has something to do with what her mother struggled to tell her—unsuccessfully—with her dying breaths. And Willow has to admit a week at the beach and time to relax might be just what she needs.

What neither woman sees coming are the startling revelations the letters will bring to their lives.

Memories of the Beach is the first book in a heartwarming series about Violet, the charming people of Moonbeam, and the guests who come to stay at Blue Heron Cottages.

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