Magnolia Key Series

Ready for more stories set in the Moonbeam Bay/Lighthouse Point world? Visit Magnolia Key. An island right off the coast and across the bay from Moonbeam. A charming series filled with friendship, family, and community.

Blue Heron Cottages

Ready for more stories set in Moonbeam? Visit The Blue Heron Cottages. A heartwarming new series with Violet - the owner of the recently restored cottages, the charming people of Moonbeam, and the guests who come to stay at Blue Heron Cottages.

Wind Chime Beach

A standalone book set in the delightful town of Wind Chime Beach.
Available Now.

Moonbeam Bay Series

Just across the bay from Lighthouse Point is the charming town of Moonbeam. Read this heartwarming series about The Parker Women.

Charming Inn series

- a spin-off series from Lighthouse Point.
Either series can be read first, so jump right in!

Sweet River Series

A charming small town set in Colorado. Meet best friends Annie and Nora and their families.

Lighthouse Point Series

The beginning of the Belle Island/Moonbeam Bay world.

Comfort Crossing Series

Romance in a small Southern town.

Sweet Days by the Bay

Kay's complete set of interconnected stories in the Indigo Bay world.

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