Series Info

Reading List of all the books in order.

Comfort Crossing – A charming Southern town, three friends, and lots of secrets. Bella and her best friends, Jenny and Becky Lee, navigate the heartaches and triumphs of love and life in the small southern town of Comfort Crossing, Mississippi.

Lighthouse Point – Three friends—Tally, Susan, and Julie—support each other through the good and the bad, love and loss. Fall in love with this charming town on Belle Island and the friendly—or not so friendly—townsfolk on this small southern island.

Sweet River – Meet life-long friends, Annie and Nora, and the quirky townsfolk of Sweet River Falls, Colorado.

Charming Inn: Return to Lighthouse Point – The Charming Inn series. A delightful spin-off series from Lighthouse Point. Either series can be read first, so jump right in and enjoy!

Meet Lillian who owns Charming Inn. Read about her niece, Sara, and Sara’s best friends, Charlotte and Robin. Of course, you’ll also see some of your beloved characters from Lighthouse Point.

Moonbeam Bay – Just across the bay from Lighthouse Point. Meet Donna and Evelyn, two sisters who live in the quaint town of Moonbeam. Their daughters, Olivia and Heather are BFFs who know each other secrets. Or think they do… Try this feel-good beach series.

Wind Chime Beach – This book is a celebration of friendship, family, and the strength of three women when pushed to their limits. A stand-alone novel (but there’s a quick trip to Moonbeam Bay!)

Blue Heron Cottages – Violet, who bought and remodeled the Blue Heron Cottages resort in Moonbeam is back. This is a heartwarming series about Violet, the charming people of Moonbeam, and the guests who come to stay at Blue Heron Cottages.

Magnolia Key – Meet Beverly and Maxine. Two best friends since childhood. Maxine returns to Magnolia Key with secrets. Read this charming series about Beverly, Maxine and the people of Magnolia Key.

Indigo Bay – a multi-authors series of sweet romances set in Indigo Bay, South Carolina.