Comfort Crossing Holiday Collection – Free Gift

I have a holiday gift for you! The Comfort Crossing Holiday Collection is free for a limited time. Need a break? Grab the collection of two short books from the Comfort Crossing series. (Book 2.5 – The Christmas Cottage and Book 3.5 – The Christmas Scarf)

Comfort Crossing Holiday Collection

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, the paperback is now available, if you want to purchase that version.)


Happy holidays and happy reading! Enjoy!

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  1. Always glad to see “your something new.” Yes, send links to me for download. I read “the Letter” twice. I enjoy how you write and your subject. Not mushy, to the point and not drawn out. As I get older I am getting more picky about the authors I spend my time with. You are on my goodie list and am trying to get my local library to add your name for purchases. Keep on writing, please.
    Happy Holidays 2019-2020.

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