A New Novel – Wind Chime Beach

There’s a preorder up for a new standalone novel. Wind Chime Beach. I know, I know, I usually write series, but this story just wanted to be told. The book releases May 17, 2022 but the preorder is available now. Order now and it will magically arrive on your ereader on May 17!
Wind Chime Beach a stand-alone novel by Kay Correll

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Sometimes life forces us to make impossible choices.

Lizzie saved Rachel’s life when they were young girls and that one moment cemented a lifelong friendship. But twenty-five years later life has dealt them some rough blows.

Lizzie is recently divorced

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, has a son in college who barely speaks to her, and she’s positive her appliances are having a rebellion while demanding the rest of her meager savings. Not to mention, after years of taking care of her husband and son, she has no idea what skills she has to get a job and move on with her life.

Rachel has the perfect life and perfect husband. The only thing she doesn’t have is the child she’s longed for. She’s sure getting pregnant will make her life complete.

Rachel’s mother, Sara Jane, has problems of her own. Like her cheating husband who keeps insisting that’s all in the past. Until… it isn’t.

This book is a celebration of friendship, family, and the strength of three women when pushed to their limits. Try this heartwarming story from USA Today Bestselling author, Kay Correll.

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