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Cottage near the point Kay Correll

Book four in the Lighthouse Point series is now available! Yay! This is Sammy and Harry’s story – a story of lost love and redemption.

Cottage near the Point – Book Four
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Sometimes trying to atone for mistakes only makes things worse…

Sammy Thompson would love to erase her one big regret in life. A mistake that tore her family apart. A mistake that caused her to flee Belle Island years ago. Now she’s returned and certain if she buys back Bellemire Cottage it will lessen some of the pain she caused.

Harry Moorehouse is astonished to see Sammy back on this island after she disappeared without a word years ago. He has his own demons from past mistakes, but he’s pleased to rekindle his friendship with Sammy when she returns to the island. Very pleased. Maybe now she will see what a success he’s made of his life.

But as Sammy and Harry grow closer again, Bellemire Cottage stands in their way. They both need the cottage to make up for their past mistakes… but only one of them can end up with it.

Can Sammy and Harry find a way to not only hold onto each other but find a way to forgive themselves for choices they made in the past?

Happy reading!!

AND Tally’s story will finally be told in book five! Watch for it in April!