Moonbeam Bay Book Six

Yay! It’s finally here! Release day for The Perks of Being a Parker!
The Perks of Being a Parker by Kay Correll
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Livy and Austin finally get their wedding. Or do they?

Charlie, Livy’s father, shows up after years and years of being a no-show in her life and starts causing problems. And who does he connect with? Camille! And, what a surprise, Camille is stirring up trouble, yet again.

Cassandra is back in town for the wedding and might finally have that date with Delbert. If it actually happens this time. Oh, and there’s a charity ball and a fire at Cabot Hotel. Are you ready for the exciting conclusion to the Moonbeam Bay series?*

*(Not saying there will never be another book in this series, because, as you know, I can never just leave my characters behind.) But we can all be assured these characters will pop up in other series

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, just like they always do.

Be sure to look for the next series, Blue Heron Cottages. (Yes! Violet’s cottage resort!)

OR Try the standalone novel Wind Chime Beach. Releasing May 17th. Preorder now!

Book Five in the Moonbeam Bay Series is here!

Grace Parker’s Peach Pie is here! Yay! It’s book five in the Moonbeam Bay series. This is Evelyn’s story.

Evelyn is thankful that Parker Cafe—oops

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, Sea Glass Cafe—is finally profitable and growing. The townsfolk love to come in for the sweet, mouthwatering delights she bakes… especially the old family recipe for peach pie.

But is it the peach pie that keeps bringing Rob Bentley back to the cafe, day after day?

Rob is in Moonbeam helping his sister, Violet, restore the very neglected Murphy’s Resort. A resort she bought without consulting him and he thinks is a terrible idea. But when had Violet ever listened to his advice?

Heather and Jesse can’t catch a break either. Their son gets into serious trouble at school. Trouble he swears he wasn’t involved in, but all the evidence points toward him.

Read more about the lives of the Parker women. More secrets are revealed. And yet another town festival as Evelyn and Rob become friends… and maybe a bit more. Oh, and a wedding. But who’s getting married?

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