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Bungalow by the Bay – Lighthouse Point Six

Bungalow by the Bay, book six in the Lighthouse Point series is available now.

Bungalow by the Bay sweet romance

Bungalow by the Bay – Book Six
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Maybe there’s time for one last wish at Lighthouse Point…

Courtney Davis is perfectly content with the new life she’s found for herself and her son on Belle Island. They are finally safe from her past.

AJ Hamilton can’t shake his past. He finished trying to prove to his family, the media, or anyone else that he’s anything more than the black sheep of the wealthy Hamilton family.

When AJ arrives to hide out at the island, the oh-so-responsible Courtney falls for the footloose playboy. And AJ might just have found the one woman he wants to convince he’s not really the person everyone believes he is.

But when AJ’s choices accidentally put Courtney’s son in danger, there’s no escaping the past for either AJ or Courtney.

Maybe everyone is right about AJ.

Maybe Courtney will never truly be safe.

Or maybe, just maybe, one last wish at Lighthouse Point will change everything…

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