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A Moment in the Moonlight

Another book in the Sweet River Series! A Moment in the Moonlight, book six. Yes, it’s Nora’s story…

A Moment in the Moonlight - Sweet River Six

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Sometimes even the best intentions won’t help…

Nora Cassidy wants nothing more than to run Sweet River Lodge on Lone Elk Lake. But change is coming to the lake.

Harrison Stanworth is certain his mother is not getting a fair deal on the sale of their family property on the lake and travels to Sweet River Falls to see what shenanigans his cousin is up to with the sale.

While staying out of sight of his cousin, Harrison stays at Nora’s lodge and they begin a tentative friendship. A Moment in the Moonlight leads to unexpected deeper feelings.

Then Nora finds out that Harrison’s family is at the heart of all her problems on the lake.

Harrison’s attempts to help may not be enough and all may be lost… his family’s cabin, the peaceful lake… and Nora.

A charming conclusion to the Sweet River series. (unless, of course, I end up doing a spin-off series or holiday books in this series…)

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A Moment in the Moonlight

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